TG-5.9X is the new generations "cottage" boat that combines solid constructions with safety and characteristic driving qualities. In this boat you can easily transport building material, fishing equipment and cottage needs. The boat with sitting places for 6 inside and 5 outside is also very suitable as a daily trip boat. A steady hull makes the boat easy to handle in all weather conditions, and due to good balance and reasonable placement of rails it is very safe.

TG-5.9X is the latest example of long-sighted product development - a totally new type of boat, where we have used all our 40 year long experiences and knowledge about demanding boat enthusiasts expectations. Wide and high doors both to the aft and front decks as well as standing height in the cabin, two consoles and good storage compartments gives you comfortable days at the sea. An exceptionally large front deck with sitting places is as its best for fishing, transportation of goods and relaxation in nice weather. Boat magazine Venemestari concluded that the driving ergonomy of TG-5.9X was among the best of all tested at Helsinki international boat show 2012.