Tage Gustafson started to build race boats in the late 1960´s and won his first Finnish Champion title in 1970. Tage who had from his teenage days been on the sea in an own ship, left the sea and started to sell boats and outboard engines. Three years later when he expanded to maintenance of engines and boats his brother Kim joined the company. The company name was TG-Marin and they produced racing boats starting from 1973.

The first pleasure boat, TG-Marin 19 Cabin, came into serial production in 1979 and two years later the first boat with aft cabin TG-Marin 19 Fisher. After the release of the TG-Marin 19 Cabin the focus was more on pleasure boats and the production of the racing boats stopped in the mid 80´s. Tage and Kim founded TG-Boat Oy in 1988 and the next year they sold TG-Marin. The new owners got the direct sales and TG-boat continued to manufacture TG-boats. In 1990 TG-Boat moved into new production and office facilities in the industrial area of Ölstens outside Porvoo center. TG has specialized in mid-cabin boats. A new generation enter in 2006 when Frese, Tage´s son, and Jan, Tage´s and Kim´s half brother, buys the TG molds and the rights to the TG brand from TG-Boat. The name of the new company is Freja Marine Ltd. And it is still a family company with Frese, Jan, Tage and Carina. Freja Marine takes care of the production , sales, development and design of the TG boats. There are 8 people working at the company in Porvoo where the assembling of the boats is located. The hulls are manufactured in Jakobstad in a TG specialized factory with 7 boat builders.